CropBytes is a web-based P2E Crypto Game dependent on this present reality cultivating economy, where you play and own resources inside the game and use them to give products and administrations to different players or exchange. P2E Play to Earn Game.

Categories: Arcade, Card Game, Strategy, Turn Based

Token Info:

Plant vs Undead

Plant vs Undead Token (PV

Contract BSC: 0x3147...b794

Release Date: July 8, 2021

Plant vs Undead(PVU) is a multiplayer tower defense game, where your plants are also your real asset. The goal is to combine the phenomenal Plants vs Zombies with new blockchain technology –NFTs. Each plant is unique. Each plant is equally accessible to everyone through growing Seeds. Each plant can be buy/sell in marketplace. In the process, the “game” part is our priority. Free-to-play gardenersare able to play and earn real asset. There is no initial-investment barrier in PVU. PVU will erase the gap between normal games and NFT games. It’s easy to start playing. Mobile device is our main focus. PVU can be played anywhere, at anytime, as long as you are with your mobiles. It’s the combination between the love for this genre and the idea of real ownership over something you lovein-game. P2E Play to Earn Game.

We have decided to make some changes to the current farm mode in preparation for farm 3.0. Some of these changes might seem counter-intuitive at the moment, but they will make sense in Farm 3.0

Please access our Substack to get details for version 2.6.  P2E Play to Earn Game.