Bring crypto world to the metaverse! Action themed play to earn P2E game!

Categories: Card Game, Casual, Turn Based

Token Info:

DeFi Warrior

Defi Warrior (FIWA)

Contract Binance Smart Chain: 0x6332...18cc

Release Date: November 10, 2021

Defi Warrior is a blockchain-based game genre inspired by the universe of Cryptocurrencies.

The warriors backed by the BEP721 standard are created and represent a cryptocurrency that can be certainly influenced by that coin on the market.

These characters can go farming, go missions or battle each other in PvP or Championship mechanism to get rewards or lucky tickets.

The highlight here is that the game can be played automatically after setting it up in a few minutes.

The innovative technology here that can be mentioned is the Off-chain gameplay combined with Smart Contract so people can play games on blockchain and be charged a low fee.

These factors mentioned above will bring surprises for players and a new taste of gaming.  Play to Earn P2E game

By completing the missions, players can get access to daily rewards, including: eCWIG, stamina, basic and premium Gacha tickets.

Log into the game everyday

Use 30 stamina

Consume 100 energy for mining

Revive 1 time in Adventure mode

Buy anything in E-Exchange shop

Complete 5 stages in a row in Adventure mode

Complete 10 PvP battles

Win 5 PvP matches

Complete 10 stages in Adventure mode

Build 1 node in mining mode Play to Earn P2E game

Complete all daily missions

Different missions will come with different rewards, and all the missions will be reset at 0:00 UTC-08:00 whether players have completed them or not.

When the player claims rewards, they wil be sent to the claimbox.

When claiming rewards already, these missions are dimmed down. The message shows that mission is completed and moved to the bottom of the list.


— — —

These daily missions will keep the players engaged while assisting them with earning in the game, and will definitely open doors to more new releases from DeFi Warrior.

P2E. Play to earn game!