Adventure, Breeding, Collectible

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Contract : TVkQDr...QYGe

Release Date: August 1, 2021

Welcome to Cukies World! The first play-to-earn game developed in Tron Network. We have 12,000 Cukies available (NFTs) which are the main game character.

There are 6 different types of Cukies based on their rarity, and when you mint a Cuki you will get a random one. The rarer the Cuki, the better!

Cukies have 6 different skills (miner, scout, farmer...) that they can improve up to level 5. The more you improve a skill, the better your Cuki will be doing the task related to that skill!

Cukies will collect different types of resources that you can use to improve their skills, trade them in the marketplace, or convert them to tokens instantly if you want to cash out.

Oh! And they can also breed!!  Play to Earn Game - P2E

First images of Cukies World map are out! ?️?
Can't wait to see our island full of Cukies hanging around ?

Play to Earn Game - P2E