Welcome to the Play to Earn Gaming Hub

Paid2Play is the hub for all of the hottest and latest Play to Earn Games and Metaverse projects.

Check out the coolest screenshots, videos, and information all in once place.

Soon, the Paid2Play launcher will be live - think of it as a "STEAM" launcher for all of your blockchain games.  All in 1 place.

Why Paid2Play?

No more jumping from website to website, from Twitter to Twitter trying to find screenshots and info about your favorite games.  Everything is here, in 1 place.

The Blockchain Game Launcher

Not a launchpad, but a launcher.  Currently all crypto games are limited because they can not integrate blockchain with desktop Windows and MAC platforms.  Our launcher will allow these games full integration with the blockchain. 

This means that blockchain games are no longer limited to building card games on web. Larger games can come and build.

Additionally, the Paid2Play launcher integrates all blockchain games in 1 place, and allows easy wallet interaction even crosschain.

1 place for all games. 1 place for all earning.

The PTP Token

The Paid2Play Token will be live in the coming weeks.  It will have multiple use cases, and will have no presale:

-It is the governance token for the Paid2Play gaming ecosystem.

- Access to launchpad projects

-Allow easier payment on our Game Launcher platform

-Allow easier cross-chain transfer of tokens (if you are playing on ETH vs BSC, our bridge will allow this)